Scarlett Antonia’s “Wiz Kid,” Mikayla Lesende

By Sonia Lee Garber

Scarlett Antonia and Mikayla Lesende

Mikayla Lesende was six when she started performing and taking acting and dance class at Antonia Arts. Since then, Scarlett Antonia has asked Mikayla to be one of her very own “Wiz Kidz.” The “Wiz Kidz” are Scarlett Antonia’s youth performance troupe. Under Antonia’s wing they explore their creativity through theater and dance. Lesende has been in quite a few of Antonia’s productions.

For instance, she has been in all of the (since 2021) “Home for the Holidays” productions Antonia has put on at “The Artist Spot,” 925 South Street in Peekskill. Additionally Antonia has directed her in “A Journey Home” (2021) and “Oz on Stage.” (2023) Mikayla Lesende is a great student and Scarlett Antonia loves working with her.

Mikayla Lesende at the 2023 “Home for the Holidays” production, playing the role of Clara from the Nutcracker.
Antonia has also directed Lesende (front and center) in “A Journey Home” starring Tayla Rees in September of 2021. Lesende’s brother was also in the production. (as Peter Pan)
Lesende, Antonia, and the rest of the “Wiz Kidz,” along with Marcy B.Freedman, who Antonia collaborated with for “Oz On Stage”, 2023 performed at the Paramount Theater in Peekskill.
(l-r). “Wiz Kidz” Jacen Hudson, Eva Goetz, Emma Goetz, and Mikayla Lesende at the 3rd Annual Oz Land Festival 2023.
Mayira Lesende, (Mikayla’s mom) at the Oz Land Festival 2023