Scarlett Antonia, Founder

Scarlett Antonia, who has worked with and enriched the artist community in Peekskill for twenty years, has a lifetime career in the creative and performing arts. Antonia performed with Ballet Minnesota and toured nationally (with multiple nation-wide tours) with Peter Gennaro of the musical, Fame. Antonia is a dancer, choreographer, manager, director, and producer. Her original works have been set at such major venues as Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, and on the silver screen -even Sesame Street!  


The mission of Antonia Arts is to serve the city of Peekskill by teaching, mentoring, and supporting aspiring and professional artists of all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. We do this by offering an array of classes, workshops, and opportunities for creative expression.

We want to encourage the creation of new works, new voices, and new audiences.

We strive to promote the “Power of Now,” which is what we consider to be the artistic flow that occurs when one is truly in their element, or “in the moment” and mindful. In conjunction with that idea, we foster the creation of innovative and cutting-edge artistic works.