Hey Hey It’s the Wiz Kidz and the Big Kidz too!

The preparations for the Oz Land Festival continue. In order to raise funds for the festival, a “fun-raiser” was held at The Artist Spot, in which “The Wiz Kidz” made a special appearance for “The Big Kidz,” meaning all of Scarlett Antonia’s friends and supporters. (I was having so much fun that I forgot to take more pictures but trust me, the grown-ups had a fun time.) We had line dancing hosted by Steven Dillard, and Marisol Jimenez led us all in Zumba. It was an active evening!

“The Wiz Kidz” Eva, Emma, Braeden, Sara and Mikayla each got to tell the party-goers what “home” means to them. After all, “Home” is a main theme in “The Wizard of Oz,” and Ms. Scarlett Antonia enjoys asking the question of what “home” means to many people; especially children. In the movie, “home” to Dorothy meant getting back to her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. For Emma of The Wiz Kidz it is simply “playing with her puppies.” The Wiz Kidz also performed a skit directed by Scarlett Antonia with the help of her assistant director, Mary Rose Hannan.

In addition to the night of fun at the “fun” raiser, we also recently had a committee meeting for the Oz Land Festival. It was held at the Peekskill riverfront, and it included Scarlett’s magical touch to have each of us wish for what we want to give and receive for the Oz Land Festival. (mine was frienship!) Our meeting was a time of idea sharing and idea camaraderie. The meeting also included an art sculpture of a house falling on the Wicked Witch’s legs! Present at the meeting were Mary Rose Hannan, David Peterman, George Coniglio, Christine Lifgren, Amanda Armenterous, Scarlett Antonia, Chloe Wareham-Gordon, and myself.

There is much fun to be had leading up to The Oz Land Festival, and this year is sure to be better than ever! Saturday, August 17th, from 1-7pm on South Street in downtown Peekskill. See you there!

The Wiz Kidz! (l-r) Eva, Emma, Braeden, Sara, and Mikayla
Braden strikes a pose
Look who’s having fun! It’s Sara!
(l-r) Mikayla, Sara, Braeden, and Emma
At the Oz Land Festival “Fun-Raiser”. (l-r) Christine Lifgren, Sonia Lee Garber, Maria Ferretti
The Oz Land Festival Planning Committee! (l-r) Mary Rose Hannan, David Peterman, George Coniglio, Christine Lifgren, Amanda Armenteros, Scarlett Antonia
Having fun always! (l-r) Mary Rosa Hannan, David Peterman, George Coniglio, Christine Lifgren, Sonia Garber, Scarlett Antonia