An Encouraging Word

Most people already know this, but Scarlett Antonia is a special person. She has a way of bringing out your natural artistic talents in a space that feels safe in which to do so. Antonia works with many seasoned professionals, but it’s the work that she does with newcomers that I especially love being witness to. She has a way of making a person, young, old, or in-between feel that they can shine.

The first time I practiced an audition piece with Antonia, she told me that I was an actress and that I was going to get the part. I hadn’t had very many acting credits under my belt at this point, just bits of training from here and there. I remember how exhilarating it felt to be called an actress from someone that has been in show business all her life.

I succeeded at the audition she coached me for and continued to gain acting credits both regionally and Off-Off Broadway. There was a time however, in which health issues kept me from doing certain things I wanted to do. I told Antonia that I would try again once I got better, and she said to me, “There is no try, there is only do.”

These are the sorts of words you hear when working with Scarlett Antonia, whether it be for a beginner’s class or an audition coaching. Her words to me that day gave me the resolve I needed to keep going, and although it took me a while, I finally got back on the horse and began acting again. It is very easy to give up at something when you don’t have people in your corner, encouraging you. But when you have a mentor like Scarlett Antonia in your corner, the sky is the limit.